Whether you're planning your wedding, a corporate event, or a fun themed children's party,
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Event Nannies

Hiring event nannies can be a fantastic solution to provide quality childcare for guests at events.

Designed for children of all ages,
event nannies provide childcare for a maximum of 4 children per nanny; yet unlike babysitting, the children can be from different families.

Event nannies care and play with the children in a number of different environments, and can take the children out into the grounds of the venue for playtime.

Our Event Nannies Package

A number of clients require childcare for their events.

Providing a nanny for your event is a set fee. The nannies are charged out at a set fee.

The main aim of an event nanny is provide childcare for a maximum of 4 children per nanny, from the same or different families.

Do event nannies bring equipment?
Clients are asked to either provide toys or ask the children to bring along their favourite activities. Our event nannies do not carry equipment or toys and therefore parents must be informed to provide everything from the toys through to the practical items such as food, drink, nappies, etc.

All we require from each parent is a completed child registration form so that the nanny in charge is fully informed about their likes, dislikes and any medical conditions to enable them to give each individual child the best care possible.

Emergency Child Care

NCCS provides a temporary and emergency nanny service

At NCCS we recognise how difficult it is for working parents to juggle their home life, their children and their work.

This becomes even harder if you find your childcare arrangements breakdown. Equally in today's working world, we know that there are many working parents who don't have set hours, or work ad hoc, or work shifts.

Our nannies can be called upon at short notice. These nannies can cover a breakdown in a family's existing childcare arrangements or for ad hoc childcare. NCCS`s temporary nannies are highly experienced child carers

Our temporary nannies can step in and take over the care of the children and the home. They are used to adapting to a new environment and caring for children who are meeting them for the first time. We have very strict rules as to who we use as an emergency nanny Emergency nannies must be over 21, have sole charge experience with the specific age of children, have an up to date first aid certificate and have had their references verbally checked by NCCS.


We offer babysitting services to help parents find babysitters, who are either looking for a regular babysitter, or a one-off.

Babysitting normally covers the temporary care of a child or children, typically in an evening when the parents have a social engagement.

Our team of friendly, caring babysitters are on hand to ensure that your children are well looked after and are safe when you can't be there.

NCCS babysitters are ALL personally vetted and interviewed before being placed to give you peace of mind. NCCS babysitting service will ensure that you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your children are in safe hands. You may require one off or regular babysitting in your home or your children looked after in a hotel room whilst you attend an event.

We will always aim to provide you with the same babysitter each time you use our babysitting service.


Live-in nannies and live-out nannies look after children in the home, offering individual care.

Nannies can be "sole charge" which means that the parents of the children are not at home, or they can work alongside the mother or parents.

A complete care package is offered by a nanny, as they also clean up after the children and cook. They may live-in the home, or be 'daily nannies' and live-out.